Report Sails Transferred, Retired or Destroyed

Sails that were previously registered and transferred to new owners may have sail registration updated so the current owner shows on the Sail Tag Registration List. Additionally, old sails may be retired from service. This means that a sail is no longer useable for one design events, and will be removed from active display on the Sail Tag Registration List. If a currently used sail is destroyed (e.g. by fire, or damaged beyond repair during use) it may be reported as such. The Class Measurer provides clarification on destroyed sail replacement on the J/109 Forum. Similar to retired sails, destroyed sails will be removed from the display of active sails on the Sail Tag Registration List. Retired and destroyed sails will still be available to view by selecting the option to display them at the top of the Sail Tag Registration List.

A new page to Transfer, Retire, or Report a Destroyed Sail has been added so that owners may report sails Retired, Destroyed, or Transferred to another owner. This page is available on the menu by mousing over Members and clicking on Transfer / Retire Sails. Read further instructions on the Sail Tags page.

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