Sail Tag Registration Certificate


Owner: John Arens       Hull #: 254   Sail #: 52423
Sail Type: Spinnaker  Sail Registration Tag #: 1606760N   Sail Delivery Date: 09/29/2015
  Sail Transfer Date: 11/30/-0001

---- Measurement Data for Spinnaker ----

Leech Length: 13.960 meters
Luff Length: 16.620 meters
Half Width: 8.310 meters
Foot Length: 8.460 meters
Sail Cloth Manufacturer & Type: North NDPO woven Poly
Cloth Weight: 45 grams / square meter (Minimum limit 40)
Colors: White         Leech / Luff / Foot Lines: Yes
                   (Spinnaker Leech / Luff / Foot Lines are required to be fitted)
Calculated Spinnaker Area: 106.27 square meters
                  (Maximum calculated area shall not exceed 108 square meters)
Notes: Sail cloth is poly, Brooke is applying for a waiver as sail is not nylon, but heavier than minimum. SAIL IS NOT CLASS LEGAL DUE TO MATERIAL On 08/16/2022 Brooke Mastrorio reported effective 08/16/2022 sail Transfer from Brooke Mastrorio, Hull # 203.

---- Loft & Measurer's Information ----

Sailmaker: North Sails - Portsmouth, RI
Measurer: Jack Orr           Date Submitted: 07/12/2016
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