The New J/109 Class Website

New J/109 WebsiteWe hope you enjoy the look of the new J/109 Class website.  The new site has been populated with more information about the class, the boat, and the people.  There are new features such as:

  • Full featured calendar that allow you to click on an event to add the item to your personal calendar
  • Announcements are prominently displayed in a sliding message window on the front page, and available as a list on a separate page
  • Information has been organized with a more intuitive menu structure
  • More J/109 technical information, specifications and boat tips available

We are making an effort to update the class J/109 database so there is a complete, comprehensive and accurate list of boats and owners.  If you find and error that needs to be corrected, please send an email to with specific information that requires update.

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