Two Potential Changes to Equipment Rules

There is discussion on two potential equipment rules changes that have been posted on the J/109 Class forum.  These changes include the addition of a Bob Stay to provide support for the Bow Sprit when extended, and the use of Inhaulers to barber haul the jib.  You may read the details and are encouraged to post your comments on the forum so that voices are heard before the class votes on a formal proposed rules change.  Anyone may read the comments at the follow links:

In order to post a comment on the forum, you must create a forum account and log in – this is NOT the same as your J/109 Website login.  New forum accounts are created by clicking on Register near the upper right of the forum page.  Existing forum account holders click Login at the same location.

The J/109 Executive Board will provide timely notice to facilitate a vote at the annual meeting.

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