Battery Class Rule Requirement

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Battery Class Rule Requirement

Post by strategery » Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:46 pm

I noticed on the inspection sheet for North Americans this year that there is a requirement for 2 105ah batteries. I recently replaced my batteries when they died and they are slightly smaller than that (90ah) and I was wondering whether the class rules require just that a boat have two batteries or two batteries of a specific size as is noted on the inspection sheet. If the requirement is two batteries of at least 105ah, then could I meet this requirement by adding a third battery if the total weight of my 3 batteries meets or exceeds the weight of the two standard 105ah batteries?

From what I can tell, the relevant class rule is the below, but I wasn't sure whether the definition of standard factory equipment includes just having two batteries or two batteries of the same size as the factory ones or any combination of batteries as long as they meet the weight of the factory batteries.

Standard factory supplied equipment, including, but not limited to, railings, stanchions, and furnishings, except as listed in section 4.3, shall be maintained and will not be removed, relocated, or altered when racing.

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Re: Battery Class Rule Requirement

Post by Vento Solare » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:46 pm

I noticed this thread was not answered and am transferring information that Bengt Johansson, class measurer responded to in an email. He stated:

The battery requirement is the same as the last spec for EU built boats and was incorporated on the NA checklist last year and will be on this years (2018) list:

2x lead batteries min combined capacity 150 ah

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