Shortening backstay

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Shortening backstay

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It appears that after more properly tuning the rig my backstay may need to be shortened (maybe 4 inches)...I am unable to put nearly as much tension on the stay with the hydraulics. Has anyone else had to shorten their backstay over time? I just want to be sure that I am not totally missing something here before I start cutting things...
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Vento Solare
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Re: Shortening backstay

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Matt - you are not alone. I had to do the same thing. Before I did this I could not really tension the backstay as required and had to shorten it 4 inches. Now I can go from loose (floppy) to inverting the main. Make sure you set the mast base to the desired location and headstay to the desired length first. Use one of the tuning guides to select what you want for base settings.
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