US Sailing J/109 Class Membership Discount

Many of the learning opportunities and sailing events we enjoy with the J/109 Class Association are made available to us by US Sailing, the national governing body for our sport.

US Sailing is a nonprofit, member supported organization.  Every US Sailing member contributes to the development and availability of the programs the J/109 Class Association benefits from.

Please join the J/109 Class Association in doing our part by becoming a US Sailing member today. We are all “US Sailing.”

The J/109 Class Association is a US Sailing MVP Partner, Through our MVP Program, you’ll receive up to 20% off your US Sailing membership dues.

Please join today by clicking the MVP program logo below.
“;// MVP URL without US Sailing Number

// This section checks if users are logged in and gets the record from database with US Sailing number
if ($_COOKIE[‘J109CA’] == “”) $_COOKIE[‘J109CA’] = urldecode($_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’]);
$authorized = TestCookie($_COOKIE[‘J109CA’]);
if ($authorized || $id) {
if ($id) { $contact_id = $id; } else { $contact_id = GetUserID($_COOKIE[‘J109CA’]);
$myquery = “SELECT
FROM contact
WHERE contact_id = ‘$contact_id'”;

$result = mysql_query($myquery)
or die (“
Error in query:

  • Error code: ” . mysql_errno() . “
  • Error msg: ” . mysql_error() . “

$myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result);

//if US Sailing Number passed by cookie, it is put in the MVP URL, otherwise use generic J/109 class MVP URL
if (!$ussail) {$url=”“;}
}// end if $id
}// end if $authorized
US Sailing MVP Program

If you are logged into the J/109 website and have saved your US Sailing membership number in your profile, this link will take you to your US Sailing record for membership renewal with the MVP discount. Otherwise you are taken to a page where you may initiate a new US Sailing membership with the MVP discount.

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